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What Should Be Taken Into Consideration To Extend The Life Of The Battery?

What Should Be Considered to Extend the Life of the Battery, which is an important part of the car? What are the factors that cause shortening of battery life? How long is the battery life in this article that I will tell? How long is the life of the battery? If you have questions like, you will find answers to them.

What is Battery?

The battery is the car’s most important place of operation. If you ask why, it is the part that succeeds in starting the ignition starter motor, which is the starting point of your car. The current flowing from here reaches the engine starter and provides the ignition engine to reach. Therefore, we can say that it is the most important part.

It is the power source that runs the electrical parts of other accessories and parts while in motion. I think we got the answer to the question of what is battery. Therefore, the health of the battery is almost as important as the health of the car. Therefore, the condition of the battery should always be checked and maintained. It is also necessary to protect the health of the battery. Like other parts, it has a certain life span.

How Long Is The Life Of The Battery?

As I said above, the average life of a battery is 5 years. But this varies from usage to usage. While some users have to change the battery of the vehicle every 3 years with the mistakes they have made, some vehicle users use the same battery for 6-7 years. It also offers longer-term use compared to battery quality. The reason is that the points that need attention are followed. In fact, the battery has a way of use and a way of functioning. Let’s come to the answer to these questions;

How Long Is The Life Of The Battery?

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration To Extend The Life Of The Battery

What should be done to extend battery life? To learn the points to be considered in order not to shorten the life of the battery: Since the battery will provide systematic ignition, we will list the correct usage details from beginning to end. We have made inquiries for you in order of priority. If you pay attention to the following items, the life of your battery will increase.

1) Turn off all active accessories before starting the engine.

Turn them off before starting. Since the battery that sends current for starting will also send current to other accessories and motors of different diameters, it may not be enough to ignite the engine. This, though not at first, reduces the life of the battery. This causes the life of the battery to decrease after a while and there is not enough current to start the engine. You need to pay attention to this issue.

2) Have the Battery Health Checked and Cleaned Frequently

The battery also needs regular maintenance just like vehicle maintenance, so it is useful to have your battery checked frequently. You ask why? When you hit the starter one day, you may not be able to start your vehicle for an unknown reason. So, if there is a fluid in the industry or near you, do not hesitate to have it checked. You need to charge your battery frequently. You should always check your charge status and always refer to the battery charging method. Likewise, once on the road, you can be sure that you will try harder for the event that will happen to you.

3) Do Not Park Your Vehicle For Days.

Always start your vehicle at least every few days, wait for a while and then stop. Likewise, in waiting vehicles, the battery can often lose its function. The battery needs recirculation like electronic devices. Because it has to turn the energy. The battery, whose charge will end as a result of a long wait, may leave you in a difficult situation. At least, as I said, do not leave more than 2-3 vehicles. Run it every 2-3 days for periods of at least about 10 minutes. Let the battery charge and recycle the necessary.

4) Avoid Short Distance Journeys

The reason for this is that the battery will provide the cycle from the beginning of the journey as it spreads its energy into the long. If you are one of those who always go to the grocery store by car, the battery life is shortened in such journeys. Avoiding this type of travel is important for battery health. So if the journey will be short, it is more logical to walk rather than drive.

5) Avoid Extreme Heat

If your vehicle is in regions where the temperature is high, especially in summer, definitely and definitely keep your vehicle in a shady place. It is one of the external factors that affect the battery the most. Temperature is the most disliked external factor of the battery. Likewise, even minus cold is not that effective. The battery that can withstand even very cold will not withstand extreme temperatures, which will also shorten the life of the battery. It would be much better to park your car in shaded or cool garages rather than where the sun is coming and overheating.

What to Consider to Extend the Life of the Battery We have seen the factors that cause the shortening of the battery life and shared the details that need to be considered. I hope you liked our article. You can share our article to support us and you can share the details you want to add with us in the comments section.

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